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Tulip Bordeaux Pure Dark Cocoa Powder
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Specification of Tulip Bordeaux Pure Dark Cocoa Powder

Tulip Bordeaux Pure Dark Cocoa Powder

Tulip Bordeaux Pure Dark Cocoa Powder Chocolate Powder Chocolate 2.5kg / 1sak.

Chocolate Powder Tulip Bordeaux Pure Cocoa Powder Tulip Chocolatier Bordeaux Cacao Chocolate Powder 2.5 kg / 1 sak

Repack from packaging 1 DUS (2pcs) using Original packaging from TULIP ie paper sack (see picture) and the inside is plastic.

Cocoa Powder with high cocoa butter (22-24%) - Made from selected cocoa beans with deep dark brown color and rich pure chocolate flavor.

This powdered cocoa contains high native cocoa (22-24%) made from selected quality cocoa beans, darker brown color (see photo) with a pure and perfumed brown flavor.

Highly recomended by Chocolatiers, Pastry Chefs and Professional Bakers, working in up-market bakeries. This cocoa powder is an ideal choice for cakes, pastry and decoration. Very simple to use: just put in through a sieve and sprinkle evenly on Tiramisu and other cakes.

This type of powdered cocoa is highly recommended by experts in the field, the right choice of pure chocolate powder for the manufacture of various cakes, pastries, decorations, etc. Very easy to use, just mixed into the dough or sprinkle as the ingredients above Tiramisu or other cakes.

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