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Raw Almond Whole
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Specification of Raw Almond Whole

Raw Almond Whole

Raw Almond Whole / Almond USA Raw Wrap Intact with Leather Ari 500gr.

#unpasteurized - not to eat raw.

100% High Unsaturated Fat / Many contain unsaturated fats
100% High Antioxidant / Antioxidant high
0 - No preservatives / No preservatives.

Almond peanuts import USA Blue Diamond, this almond skin is not all smooth, there is peeling (see picture), taste has been tested.

Storage: Please store in a sealed container, airtight, dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

Benefits of Almond for health:
- Almonds are a source of zinc, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E rich in the brain, blood vessels and respiratory system, and help skin health.
- Content of high unsaturated fatty acids in almonds such as oleic acid and palmitoleic is very useful for lowering cholesterol.
- The high content of fiber in almonds is also beneficial to control blood sugar.

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