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Easimelt Dark Krakatoa
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Specification of Easimelt Dark Krakatoa

Easimelt Dark Krakatoa

Tulip Easimelt Dark Krakatoa 75% Chocolate button button chocolate 2.5kg.

Tulip Easy Melt Dark Krakatoa Easimelt Chocolate Couverture 75% Coklat 2.5kg
Chocolate 75% dark tulip button Krakatoa cocoa Dark dark chocolate for baking

We come with a product from Tulip, a manufacturer that no doubt will be the result of its chocolate character, this is a chocolate slab with a diameter of about 1.5cm and 0.5cm thick

This chocolate is commonly used for dissolving, as the name implies Easy Melt (Easy melt) - So you do not have to chop off large brown stems for melting, just use Chocolate Easimelt Dark Krakatoa This Tulip alone

Way, warm enough 3/4 brown until really melting (temperature 50 ') and then add the remaining 1/4 and stir until dissolved. Then let stand 5-10 minutes at room temperature, the chocolate will dry perfectly with a good luster. If not hard, just add more hard chocolate then heat and stir again.

This chocolate has a unique taste balance, as well as a charming fragrance. Available in the form of easy-to-use coins for international Pralines and Pastries. Suitable for you entrepreneurs baking, cakes, chocolate pralines, etc.

Contains 75% Quality Cacao. Brown Fat

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