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Chocolate Tulip Cioccolato
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Specification of Chocolate Tulip Cioccolato

Chocolate Tulip Cioccolato

Hot Chocolate Tulip Cioccolato Ice Drink Chocolate Powder 1kg Powder.

Hot Chocolate tulip Cioccolato Ice Drink Chocolate Powder 1kg Powder
Chocolate Drink Hot Chocolate choco drink powder ready to drink

Ready to serve both hot and cold

Now comes a special product from Tulip, Exclusive really brown, the difference is the same as other chocolate drinks are more chocolaty guaranteed because there cocoa mass that has been tested and a favorite for many people, ready to drink drinks, Hot or Cold Chocolate.

1 pack = 1 kg (can for 30 glasses)
Fairly brewed 30gr Hot Chocolate Cioccolato Tulip Chocolate powder with 150mL glass of water.

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