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Chocolate Callebaut
Chocolate Callebaut
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Specification of Chocolate Callebaut

Chocolate Callebaut

Chocolate Couverture Callebaut Dark Callets Chocolate Import 54.5% 2.5kg.

Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate Dark Callets Brown Chocolate 54.5% Dark Couverture Original Packaging 2.5kg

New Product from Barry Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate
with 54.5% Cocoa Solids

Dark chocolate coin with a little vanilla flavor - Smooth Flavor with subtle vanilla note
Composition: Sugar, Cocoa Fats, Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin Emulsifiers, Vanilla Natural Remover

This chocolate is processed from quality cocoa beans to chocolate in the form of coin in one of the oldest cocoa and cocoa factories in Belgium, started by Octaaf Callebaut in 1911. He is very expert in creating the natural aroma of chocolate derived from cocoa beans in roasting in a way , to the art that he applied in creating solid chocolate (the shape of this rod or coin)

* photo Package original 2.5 kg there chocolock is really cool, the latest zipper that looks like velcro, ensuring chocolate remains covered neatly

This chocolate is easy to melt, so it is possible to get where you've stuck or melted, but not why because the ultimate goal of this chocolate to melt. If you want prime shape (eg for cake decoration) please mail it to us and choose courier service JNE YES / GOJEK which until direct, then we will freeze first.

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